Description of the painting Pablo Picasso Tragedy

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso Tragedy

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The picture "Tragedy" can be attributed to the number of the most famous works of Pvblo Picasso. This work is one of the brightest in the "blue" period. Work is one of the best achievements of the blue period.

Picasso wrote this work during the period of depression, when tragedy, sadness and pain prevailed in his works. It turned out that the reason for such a gloomy work of the author was a personal tragedy - the death of a good friend, as well as a poor financial situation and an oppressed state of mind.

It’s ironic that just those paintings that Picasso painted in beggarly conditions now stand a fortune and their prices are rising every day. And "Tragedy" is undoubtedly one of them.

The heroes of the picture were the same poor as Picasso himself at that time. Observing the poor estate, the artist was inspired by dramatic, pain-soaked works. "Tragedy" opens in front of the viewer a family of three poor people.

Apparently, this is a father, mother and their son, standing on the seashore. They are all sad, their eyes, heads and shoulders lowered, arms crossed. It is immediately clear that they are saddled with bitter thoughts. Heroes walk barefoot and in very poor clothes. At the same time, it is clear that they are cold: they are trying to wrap themselves in their rags to hide from the cold sea wind.

Restless sea, night sky, wet sand. Cold blue tinted even the faces and fingers of heroes. The same tones are present in the background, without clearly prescribed details. Heroes are looking at each other. It seems that only suffering unites them.

Their body language speaks of stress and inability to help each other cope with grief. There is a lot of space between them, but they cannot fill this void and do not go closer.

However, one of the most depressing details of the picture is the face of the child. It does not look like the face of a cheerful and direct boy. On the contrary, the boy is sad and extremely serious. He tries to understand the whole depth of what happened, but finds no explanation from the elders. He reaches for his parents. Perhaps this is a sign of love or a desire to attract their attention. But in the end, his suffering only increases.

The viewer does not know who these people are and what tragedy happened in their life. It can be a fishing family or just people walking by. But the picture is permeated with the energy of hopelessness before an imminent death, which speaks of a storm of incredible negative emotions that the author experienced while working on this masterpiece.

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