Description of the painting by Ilya Repin “The arrival of Tsars John and Peter Alekseevich to the Semenovsky amusement yard, accompanied by a retinue

This picture was painted by the great Russian artist in 1900, but the work tells of those years when Tsars Ivan and Peter Alekseevich Romanov lived.

The painting “The arrival of Tsars John and Peter Alekseevich to the Semenovsky Comic Court accompanied by a retinue” depicts a real event. In the XVII century, Alexei Mikhailovich was very fond of falconry and tried his best to develop this area in Russia. In the Semenov settlement, he founded a large falconry yard, where various birds of prey were raised. When Peter I and Ivan came to see this place, they were shocked by how many people care for these birds. More than three hundred people appeared before the kings. Peter didn’t like this squandering, and he decided to make the Amusing Regiment out of these bird watchmen. Thus, the king decided that these men would be able to benefit the homeland.

In the center of the canvas we see the figures of two kings. They are surrounded by several boyars accompanying the royal people in many travels. All dignitaries are dressed very well: they have richly decorated clothes, hats embroidered with gold thread and fur. Peter is depicted in a very decisive position. John, on the contrary, bowed his head and seemed to obey the orders of Peter. So, the artist wanted to show what kind of relationship was between the kings. Peter was always more powerful than John.

Around the tsars and boyars crowded ordinary Russian people. They are more like a gray, faceless mass on the background of royal persons. The clothes of the peasants are brown, old. Many men are overgrown with a thick beard.

In the background we see a winter forest. Tall trees surround the entire settlement. Not far from the forest is a small palace. The building is quite interesting in shape with a sharp roof, which is painted in different colors. Not far from the palace you can see the royal carriage. Covered with gilding, it stands out clearly against the background of pale peasant clothes.

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