Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne “House of the Hanged Man”

Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne “House of the Hanged Man”

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Paul Cezanne was a famous impressionist. His work “The Hanged Man’s House” has only one goal - to make a certain impression on the viewer. Based on the title of the work, it becomes clear that the picture should be repulsive. No one likes to look at a work in the name of which death itself is encrypted. Paul really achieved the desired success. The picture received a lot of negative reviews right on the day of the exhibition, and just as many positive reviews.

In the picture you should not look for the very house where a man recently hanged himself. It is possible that this building is not there at all. The whole picture is this "home". We look at her and see only greens burning eyes. Where is the rope with the noose on which the stranger hanged himself? We do not see anything, and we cannot understand anything. A small village is depicted, located somewhere far in the middle of the hills and meadows. On the right side of the canvas is the roof of the building. On the left side of the canvas is another house. No one knows where the incident happened or whether it happened at all. But something we still do not like, something pushes the view.

The artist decided to play with us, with our mind. We see houses, trees. It is worth taking a closer look and understanding comes that all lines are very blurry, all objects are intertwined with each other. We cannot understand the grass or the roof of the house on the right. We are confused by the green color, which turns the picture into continuous chaos.

The house depicted in the center of the work is also intertwined with another building. We cannot draw a line between these buildings, which makes the house seem irregular in shape. On the second floor of the building, an open window is placed. I have to peer at him. What is hidden there? Perhaps it was there that a cold body lay.

The picture lacks the concept of perspective or the correct construction of geometric shapes. The artist intentionally distorts all objects, turns them into a glued mass.

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