Description of the painting by Pavel Ryzhenko “Prayer”

Description of the painting by Pavel Ryzhenko “Prayer”

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How little do we, ordinary people, know about those who have devoted their whole lives to the service of God. This picture seems to open the door to the world of clergy.

The central image of the picture is an old man. He went outside on an early autumn morning and decided to sit down and rest, leaning on a large stone wall. We do not know what this man is thinking about, what his desires are, whether he has dreams. Not only through his gray hair, but also through his eyes it is evident that he lived a long life full of difficulties and sadness. His eyes dropped completely. A white regrowth beard lies freely on the old man’s chest.

The painting was painted by a modern artist in 2001. But judging by the clothes of the man depicted on canvas, the artist takes us several centuries ago. If you take a closer look, then only one detail indicates that this old man lived long before our days - bast shoes are put on his feet instead of the shoes usual for a modern person.

The clergyman wears traditional, light-colored clothing. It seems that the clothes and beard are completely merged, form one. Even the pale face of the strick does not stand out against this background. Yellowed foliage even more leads to thoughts about the withering of life. A tree sheds foliage as fast as the elder’s years flow. On this cold autumn day, the old man warms only a warm caftan, draped over one shoulder.

Perhaps soon the old man will not. Did he manage to do everything he dreamed about in this life? It is unlikely that the thoughts of men are occupied with such earthly, base issues. He clearly thinks of a higher, a meeting with God or the human sins that sometimes afflict each of us. He prays for all of us.

In front of the old man is a small altar with an icon. Nearby is an object made of stone, which looks most like a coffin. The figure of the crucified Jesus Christ is carved on a stone surface.

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