Description of the painting by Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin “Birch and mountain ash”

Description of the painting by Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin “Birch and mountain ash”

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Ivan Shishkin, masterfully mastering the technique of painting, was able to depict a fragment of a forest thicket on canvas with almost photographic accuracy. The main elements of the constituent forest are birch trees and several low rowan trees.

The white birch in the left part of the picture attracts the main attention of the viewer. On its stem, a shadow emanating from neighboring branches and foliage is noticeable. The birch branches are slightly overgrown with moss, and the overflow of a white tree trunk into a green shade of moss looks as harmonious as possible. Thin branches of a low mountain ash, growing to the right of the birch, bend under heavy bunches of berries. Harvesting wild mountain ash is associated with selfless and rich gifts of nature.

Against the background of the two listed elements, rich forest vegetation can be seen. Dark green shades with yellow spots implying the light of the sun penetrating dense vegetation create the main background for plants in the foreground. The lightest parts of the canvas are grass and bushes, located closest to the viewer.

Light shades of foliage and grass hint that the forest is illuminated by bright and warm sunshine, and the sky is clear. A bush of light small mountain ash emphasizes the darkness and depth of the forest, creating a favorable contrast between the two elements. White flowers at the bottom of the image are drawn in great detail, they convey the purity and beauty of nature. Blotches of yellow and red colors add variety and brightness to the canvas. Flowers and bright leaves frame the path leading deep into the forest. Thin stalks of white and yellow blades of grass are directed upwards. Accuracy and subtlety of the work gives the image more realism, accurately conveying the unlimited beauty of nature.

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