Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov "Summer"

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov

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Savrasov was a recognized Russian landscape painter. All his works breathe real, clean, fresh air. It is this feeling of lightness and transparency that arises when you look at his painting “Summer”.

It is believed that the time most favorite for any creator is autumn, when the leaves turn yellow, the sun is not so warm. But Savrasov chooses just the summer and puts his whole young soul in writing the landscape. Nature is very airy. Most of the work is the image of the summer sky. Here the heat and the scorching sun are not visible. The colors are chosen very soft, muted, pastel. The sun is not visible in the gentle blue sky, it has already risen, but does not fall into the artist’s field of vision - only curly, snow-white clouds are visible to him. There is not a single bird that would violate this heavenly purity.

The horizon line is drawn very low. There, in the distance you can see a small pond. It seems to reflect the soul of the sky, so light and light, which makes the pond literally dissolve in the morning haze. The far shore is practically invisible, there is only a hint of its existence.

Immediately after the pond, a small forest belt begins. Green trees rise above the pond, covering part of the reservoir from us. Immediately after the luxurious greenery, a wide field begins, on which golden wheat is spike. The image of wheat ears is always like a declaration of love for the motherland. The artist draws every blade of grass, every ear that feeds people in the future. This golden field is a hymn in honor of the fertility of the soil of native lands.

A small path passes through the field. A horse with a wagon is unlikely to be able to ride on it - it is too narrow. But local guys and girls can walk along it to the pond to freshen up on a hot, summer day. But there is not a single person in the picture - all attention is devoted to nature.

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