Description of the painting by Pavel Korin “Northern Ballad” (1943)

Description of the painting by Pavel Korin “Northern Ballad” (1943)

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The canvas is the left part of the triptych "Alexander Nevsky." During the years of the terrible war, the artist turned closely to historical subjects, to the heroic past of the country, which always interested him, to the theme of the victories of Russian weapons. The artist was invariably attracted by grandiose themes filled with epic and philosophical meaning. The entire triptych is dedicated to one storyline - preparation for the defeat of foreign invaders.

The mean and stern composition of the left side, stretched vertically, looks majestic and grandiose.

It depicts a warrior - a real Russian hero of the old school, who is escorted to battle by a simple Russian woman. The canvas prompts the thought of the brilliant history of our people, it is shocking with its energy radiated by the main characters, characters of ancient legends, and the inexplicable beauty of northern nature. A successful composition almost evenly distributes the space occupied by the figures of people and the serene evening landscape. The canvas creates the impression of expressiveness, poise, it notes the main idea of ​​the master to depict the grandeur and splendor of Russian people and his country.

Filled with the grandeur of a woman’s figure in a delightful folk outfit and a hero with a legendary damask sword, they harmoniously combine with the landscape surrounding them. They seem to symbolize the best features of the people. A sundress with a golden floral ornament hints at the golden qualities of character inherent in Russian women, and a black scarf confirms the difficulties that strengthened her soul. Arms crossed under the chest and a calm expression show the dignity and equanimity of the heroine. The sword in the hand of a bearded man, lowered down at that moment, does not threaten anyone. However, the arm extended forward seems to warn the enemy about the consequences of the attack.

The heroes of the picture stand on the bank of the river, to which the coniferous forest has approached, a tower is located behind them, then you can see the building, sinking in the haze of fog. The sky and the river, occupying the space of half the canvas, are painted with bright colors. Azure clouds float above the sky, and the air above the river and the river itself are painted in pink shades of sunset. The picture evokes a feeling of confidence in the strength of the people and their victory over all enemies.

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