Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Night. Blue Wave"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Night. Blue Wave

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It is painted in oil on canvas in 1876. It is in a private collection in Germany.

At many works of the world-famous marine painter, his favorite story is repeated - a moonlit night over the sea and a proud lonely sailing ship. However, each time the picture appears from a new angle, with other nuances, details, mood ... Aivazovsky himself said that he often repeated in the works to fix any flaws, often visible only to his trained gaze and unnoticed by others.

This canvas is quite bright due to the bright radiance of the full moon, which floods the sky in a bluish-milk shroud with its illusory light. One can see how quickly light cirrostratus clouds rush through it. Only towards the distant horizon, the sky gradually darkens to azure gray with greenish tones. The same colors are repeated in the lower part of the canvas, only in a more saturated and deep version with the addition of turquoise and sea-green.

It is likely that the turbulent, striking sea is painted with many translucent layers of paint, which the artist gradually applied over the previous one. This allowed us to achieve the effect of depth and heterogeneity of color spots that mix very smoothly with each other.

Particular attention is paid to moonlight, which, with cautious glare, falls on moving water and partially penetrates into its depth, illuminating with mysterious halftones. On the contrary, foamy breakers look tougher and brighter, emphasizing contrasts and a long-term perspective.

Despite all its beauty, the element is fraught with danger. I would like to believe that the depicted ship with fluttering red flags, which attract the eye, has already survived the storm, and will be ready to raise sails soon to return to its home port.

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