Description of the painting by Rembrant Harmenszoon Van Rijn "Mill"

Description of the painting by Rembrant Harmenszoon Van Rijn

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In his work, Rembrandt repeatedly portrayed mills, seeing in them his own charm and beauty. This picture is one of the greatest works of the author. The heavy atmosphere of the canvas is paired with an image of a beautiful, static landscape.

In the central part of the work is a mill with bright massive blades. The design symbolizes reliability, protecting the tranquility of the earth and people. The mill was not designed as detailed as the engraving work of the master, however, a certain nebula of the work gives it a special atmosphere and realism.

On the left side of the banner you can see the bridge through which a woman and a child passed towards the lake. Along the shore of the lake, a woman is shown washing clothes at the very edge of the water, while the man behind her is watching the washerwoman thoughtfully. A boat is located on the right side of the picture, on the water itself, however, most of it is carried outside the canvas, while we can only see a man rowing with oars. In the farthest part of the picture you can see dark trees, among which cows graze. Above the trees, the sky is lit by the last rays of the sun before evening.

The lightest part of the canvas frames the mill on the right side, emphasizing the dark shades that dominate the left side of the canvas. The gloomy part of the restless sky sets the tone for the entire work. Most likely, the intense darkening of the picture is associated with the author’s experiences that arose due to strong financial problems in a certain period of the author’s work.

This work conveys the author’s delight and reverent love for the landscapes that amazed him, and the individual elements of the painted picture embody the experiences and inner world of the immortal master Rembrandt’s brush.

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