Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer “Artist's Studio”

Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer “Artist's Studio”

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The picture of the Dutch painter Vermeer also has other names. Such as “Artist and Model”, “Allegory of Painting” and “The Art of Painting”. Size 130x110 cm. Painted with a mixture of protein and oil on canvas in about 1667.

The picture can be safely attributed to the Golden Age of painting. At that time, religious themes began to change into secular ones. This is one of the latest, and part-time major works of the artist. It is unique in its allegorical meaning.

The composition is organized so that the first thing that catches your eye is a slightly ajar curtain. Such an idea allowed the look to flow smoothly to the artist who was painting, and then to the posing model. Thus forming a kind of triangular movement.

Vertical and horizontal rhythms, which are formed thanks to the workshop itself and the wall, protect the paintings from excessive dynamism. Also, the map of the Netherlands from 1636 takes on a horizontal view. On it, Vermeer depicts a crease. And it is not in a random place, but precisely where the lands were distributed in two.

The candelabrum, which is crowned with a double-headed eagle, carries an allegory of vision - that very feeling out of five that is so important for the artist.

And the model, in turn, is interpreted as the muse of history in ancient Greek mythology - Clio. And the one that she holds in her hands was deliberately depicted on the reverse side for the viewer. Now this gesture serves as a definite message from the artist as a future interpreter.

The presence of a considerable number of significant components, like a model with all its historical features, a map from the distant past, a coat of arms and an outdated robe of the painter, makes it possible to say precisely about the praise of painting as the most important of all arts.

To date, the painting "Artist's Studio" is located in the Austrian capital - Vienna, in the Museum of History and Arts.

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