Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov "Self-portrait of 1928"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov

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The painting, written in 1928, is a canvas that depicts the great Russian artist Nesterov himself. It is interesting that the painter depicted himself in restrained tones, paying more and more attention to facial expression, facial expressions, and gaze. Nesterov is considered a skilled master of his craft and the greatest portrait painter, however, portraying himself and his inner world is much more difficult.

The philosophy of this picture lies in the fact that the artist is trying to find himself real, without embellishment and unnecessary colors. The emphasis is on the eyes and gaze, since it is the eyes of a person that reflect the essence of the soul. In the picture, a modest, but at the same time elegantly dressed man with glasses appears before the viewer. On his face, one can notice serious thoughtfulness and a desire to penetrate the soul to the audience. Looking at the picture, one gets the impression that the artist wants to know how he appeared in front of the audience, whether he is satisfied with the artist, or the performance does not match reality. The artist's face expresses mystery and desire to understand his viewer, who will look at him. I wonder what the artist was thinking about in the process of writing his self-portrait.

The most interesting thing is that Nesterov began to paint portraits after the revolution in Russia. The events that took place in his native country left a lasting impression and led to the fact that the artist began to pay more attention to portraits. The Russian artist began to attract the personality of a person who creates fate, and this time he became this person.

The artist portrayed himself with no frills to show a person that the soul is much more important. Using shades of dark colors, the artist does not separate himself from ordinary people whom he portrayed. Everything is fine in this picture - the reaction of the viewer and the surprised expression of the artist himself.

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