Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Portrait of Soler”

Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Portrait of Soler”

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Pablo Picasso spent almost the whole of 1903 in Barcelona, ​​where he made many friends. For some of them, a very young artist at that time painted portraits. Among the lucky ones was Soler, a fashionable tailor of the time, helping young artists.

It is known that Soler gave clothes in exchange for paintings, because Pablo Picasso, like most artists, led a semi beggarly lifestyle. The portrait of Soler was not the only work written for a friend. Throughout the friendship, which lasted more than one year, the artist worked on paintings dedicated to Soler, also depicting the family of the famous tailor.

In this portrait, Soler is depicted sitting alone at a table in a cafe. The face is made in yellow shades with a clear drawing of all the small details. The artist depicted his expression as melancholy and sad, which was truly inherent in a friend. The background is depicted in very dark tones, even the peeling hands from under the clothes look pale and muffled, the whole accent of the painting is directly in the face, which looks like a bright spot, in the midst of twilight.
Pablo Picasso in his work sought to denote the elegance and artistry inherent in Soler. Show all the beauty of a thin face with a neat beard and raised tips of a thin mustache. The tailor has a pale and ghostly, with a slight nervous tension present.

Looking at the portrait of Soler, made in dark blue-green tones, we see a man sitting in front of us, whose eyes are full of sadness and loneliness, enclosed among people. It was these feelings that visited Picasso himself at a certain period of his life. Perhaps, in the image of a friend close to the artist in spirit, the young Picasso reflected his inner world, with his inherent emotions.

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