Description of the painting by Timofei Neff “Dreaming”

Description of the painting by Timofei Neff “Dreaming”

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The famous artist Neff introduced to the world the sophisticated beauty of the young ladies of that era who demonstrated and posed for the artist. Neff's genre theme - images of beauties. If you consider his work, you can find many works on which beautiful and young girls flaunt. However, the work "Dreaming" has a special place in art.

The depicted beautiful girl in the picture thinks about light, and from her look you can see dreaminess. The picture is painted in light and very warm colors, for example, if you look at the picture, you can see shades of flowers that correspond to the sunset. It is during this period that a person gets the opportunity to think and dream. The girl who is depicted in the picture seems to the viewer to be tender and fragile, because she can be someone's unfulfilled dream. The very image of a beautiful girl is romantic and dreamy - a dress with interesting sleeves matches her dreams. It was in this picture that the artist portrayed a young girl who remained herself and dreamed of those things about which she would be ashamed to speak out loud. However, dreams and dreams are completely pure and clear, because this can be seen on the expression on her face.

For the artist, the image of the young lady and her thoughts are an integral part. The creative process of the artist. Neff himself, while working on this picture, dreamed of learning about the real dreams of the model, her hidden desires. Neff got the opportunity to be present in this process and become an integral part of the dream of a beautiful and elegant young lady.

The famous artist, in his work, tried to convey to the viewer that beauty is not only external, but also internal. A person, in fact, does not know how happy he is at the time of daydreaming and, if you make an effort, you can achieve your dream.

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