Description of the painting by Alexander Morozov "At the tea party"

Description of the painting by Alexander Morozov

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Russian artist Morozov painted truly beautiful paintings, each of which is different and has its own charm and zest. Despite the fact that Morozov did not leave a lot of paintings, they are still remembered by the audience for their skill and ease. The works of the Russian artist are presented in famous museums and occupy a special place in art galleries. One of these works is the painting of Tea Party.

On this canvas, a man with an open Russian soul is depicted, who drinks a healing drink - tea. Morozov in the picture tried to show the whole Russian spirit in detail and detail. A hot and aromatic drink encourages the viewer to become a member of this meal and open his soul to this good-natured old man. In the picture you can see the lightness, simplicity of a Russian person who does not care about material values. Such a conclusion can be made if we consider the background of the picture At a tea party. In general, despite the bare walls, which had not seen repair and plaster for a long time, the old man is still pleased with his life and enjoys a fragrant and warming drink. The artist intentionally shows the whole identity and real state of a person living in the village. Morozov does not see the need to artificially decorate the room, because the soul of a person who is ready for all difficulties cannot be broken.

The artist draws attention to the person as an individual, and this can be seen in the picture. For example, in the work, a close-up is shown of an old man who catches your eye, and only then you can see the details of the village hut. The man looks at ease and softly, even with some slyness, prompting the viewer that he has the wrong idea about the inhabitants of the village. The old man shows genuine joy and is not afraid to work. Interestingly depicted is the face of a man with a red mustache, curly hair and callused hands. Looking at the picture, one can feel the very spirit of the Russian man about which legends go.

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