Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov "Old and Small"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov

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The remarkable Russian artist Mikhail Vasilyevich Nesterov embodied his ideas about his homeland in his paintings. He himself with a reverent and tender attitude towards Russia, its traditions, customs, which are still preserved in the village. Peasant themes, the strong and unshakable spirit of the Russian common people are increasingly seen in his work. A typical day of the Russian peasant attracted the attention of the artist, and this can be seen in the painting "Old and Small." Looking at this work, a feeling of simplicity and fusion with nature, so beautiful and pure, is created.

In the picture "Old and Small" you can see the main characters of the paintings, the old man and his grandson, who sits in a small, ruined cart and plays, while his grandfather proudly and affectionately looks at his grandson. The painting has an atmosphere of rural warmth, which harmoniously merges with nature - sky, greenery. The work was created with warm shades of colors that emphasize every detail of the picture. However, against this juicy and beautiful background, the boy and grandfather stand out especially. If you look at each character in detail, you will notice the tortured face of the old man, his calloused hands that remind us of the consequences of hard work. Despite the fact that the peasants work and suffer, plowing the land and growing crops, the main goal of the painting is to convey the calm and serene life of the old and young generation.

The old man looks at his grandson, who is playing with concentration and enthusiasm and imagines that after a while the little boy will suffer the same fate. However, the grandfather is rather glad of this and proud of his roots, or maybe he just remembered himself small and carefree.

Thus, the life of a simple peasant, his problems, experiences and thoughts do not stand aside. Nesterov writes beautifully, warmly and harmoniously about them in order to show the viewer all the charm of village life.

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