Description of the painting Fedot Sychkov "Skating from the mountains"

Description of the painting Fedot Sychkov

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The painting by Fedot Vasilievich Sychkov “Skating from the Mountains” is the embodiment of the village spirit. Sychkov was born in a Russian family, but showed an incredible interest in Mordovian culture and history. It was the Mordovian fun festivals that were embodied on the canvas "Skating from the Mountains."

The artist depicted the usual winter day. In the outback of great and vast Russia, Mordovian girls and boys decided to go for a walk. This is an interesting and unusual world, which now seems a curiosity. People have fun outdoors, riding from a snowy mountain.

The picture shows us the vitality, ease and tomfoolery of the villagers. In the center of the picture are large wooden sleds, which are sprinkled with soft straw. Three girls are sitting on top, behind, standing, a guy is rolling. Their faces are full of life and joy. Girls are red-cheeked, smiling. The artist managed the impossible - to convey the infectious laughter of youth.

This canvas shows us unusual outfits of Mordovian culture. Women's heads are covered with painted, bright shawls with an unusual pattern. Such scarves protect their head, neck and shoulders from the freezing, winter cold. It is also unusual that men also wear a necked patterned kerchief. One of the skiers is wearing warm yellow and black stripes, which is also an unusual wardrobe item for a man from a Russian village.

Through the whole picture runs a long, winding path along which young people ride. Work is full of life and movement. None of the figures seem static, posing. It seems that in an instant the sleigh with skiers will fly out of the canvas.

The artist uses a contrast technique. The cold snow-white winter is contrasted with the vibrant, carefree life of the village people. Their traditional costumes stand out against the backdrop of snow and create the relief of the canvas.

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