Description of the painting by Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn "Portrait of Saskia in a red hat"

Description of the painting by Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn

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Harmenszoon Van Rijn Rembrandt painted The Portrait of Saxia in a Red Hat in 1642. Baroque style, female porter genre, picture size 99x79, oil on canvas. In his painting, the author tries to move away from the gray and dull everyday life and creates images of himself and Saxia in luxurious and colorful clothes, in chic hats. In his work, the author created magnificent compositions that were expressed in complex turns, poses, movements. Also a large role in the work of the painter is the landscape.

The artist often depicted Saxia in his works. The refined features, beauty and splendor of this woman captivated the artist. He portrayed a portrait in profile, emphasizing every facial feature, femininity and ideal image. A bright red hat with feathers, a cape are all attributes of the luxury of that time. Hair removed, jewelry hanging on the neck and ears, there is nothing superfluous, everything is perfect in this woman.

Rembrandt dresses his wife in expensive fabrics that are covered with unusual and magnificent corset patterns. The author paints her in hats wide with feathers, covers her with dazzling shining cloaks, necklaces adorn her neck and elegant bracelets on her hands.

The author wrote to his beloved spouse in the image of not a criminal aristocrat, dressing her in furs and velvet, then a careless and flirting coquette, who smiles from under her elegant hat. The ordinary and dull clothes worn by Dutch women in those days were not for her. In the process of writing a portrait, the author focuses on accessories, delves into the details of the costume. A magnificent masterpiece will delight many more generations.

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