Description of the painting by Ilya Repin "Portrait of Viktor Vasnetsov"

Repin left a huge legacy as his excellent work. These include portraiture of the artist. Graphic sketches survived quite a lot. Ilya Efremovich liked to sketch everything that attracted his attention.

Repin met Vasnetsov as students of an art academy. Two comrades were the exact opposite of each other. Friends, different in character and manner of drawing, still maintained communication. The outgoing and vibrant Repin was always interested in the personality of the modest, calm, young dreamer Vasnetsov.

Ilya Efimovich never idealized his characters, but very accurately and realistically conveyed all the features typical for the model. The artist approached the painting with a high degree of objectivity. He did not convey his personal vision of his model, but conveyed with accuracy the whole essence of the human person. Repin had a unique opportunity to penetrate into the depths of the human spirit, and also possessed excellent technical skill. The person depicted in the portrait speaks for itself. The portrait of Viktor Vasnetsov also has great psychological depth.

A graphic portrait was made using a combination of two manners of graphic drawing by Ilya Efimovich. The first manner in which the artist portrayed the face of a friend consists of clear lines that reveal shapes and reflect light shadow. Shallow shading conveys the shape of the face, emotional expressiveness and relief. The artist masterly owns the graphic technique of drawing, which served as an academic hardening. Shoulders and clothing details are drawn using the second technique - vibration of strokes, accompanied by feathering elements and is more sketchy.

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