Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso The Ironmaker

Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso The Ironmaker

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1904 g .; canvas, oil; The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

Painting by Pablo Picasso The Ironman is one of the most famous pearls of his work not in vain. Compositionally simple, performed in restrained, dull colors, the work is filled with life and meaning, it makes the viewer feel, empathize, touches him to the core.

Most of the canvas is occupied by the figure of a girl leaning over a table on which freshly washed laundry is laid out. The girl has an iron in her hands, she carefully smoothes every fold on the fabric and seems absorbed in her work as a whole. The composition is so lively and natural that the smell of ironed clean fabric as if you can feel it in reality.

In the pose of the heroine, tension and imbalance are noticeable. One shoulder is raised above the other, her head is tilted, her back is bent, her hands are brought together by effort. Obviously, this is how she spends more than one hour at work. She is still very young and good-looking, but constant hard work in a closed gloomy room drains her youth and strength. At first glance, the straightforward composition takes on drama; it is worth imagining the fate of the heroine.

But at that moment her face looks almost serene, as if she were sleeping in reality, following the movements of the iron. Her figure is illuminated by light: a white dress, slender working hands, a white linen on an ironing table, glare of light on a metal bowl with water and an iron. The background of the picture is plunged into darkness, the details are smoothed and worked out not distinctly. Behind the ironer you can see a pile of white - probably the linen that she has to overload.

The picture leaves the feeling of a light butterfly locked in a stuffy cage, bent and enslaved by invisible chains.

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