Description of the painting by Peter Rubens "Portrait of Anna of Austria"

Description of the painting by Peter Rubens

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1622-25 years; canvas, oil; 105 x 93 The Louvre.

The portrait of Anna of Austria, located in the Louvre, refers to the more mature works of the artist, a representative of the Flemish school. The painting depicts the daughter of the Spanish king Philip the Third and Margarita of Austria, the future wife of Louis the Thirteenth.

A prone to intrigue, the queen, who had so early become the wife of an influential monarch, appears in Rubens' painting with a slight enchanting smile, barely noticeable on her full sensual lips. Her face is beautiful, in the eyes of Anna of Austria, a living flame dances, demonstrating her lively character and furious disposition. The hands of the ruler, on the contrary, express uncertainty, recalling that she is a very young girl, forced to keep herself worthy of the situation. The little fingers, which are so movingly slightly bent, show that she is a little insecure, maybe even a little embarrassed by something of her own, mysterious and feminine.

She holds a delicate bunch of flowers - creamy pink and white, which is so disharmonious with her outfit, once again recalling how Rubens managed to combine the fiery temperament of Anna of Austria and her emotional experiences, which of course she does not speak out loud. Her dress was made in the characteristic Rubensian style of the early Baroque: a dark robe-style dress, under it is a cott with a fan-shaped frame collar, all this splendor is trimmed with lace - and it is depicted brightly, filled with rich color. The outfit of the young Queen of France refers to her Spanish roots, recalling the traditions of her native country.

The colors of the picture are warm, the canvas is filled with emotions, life itself - Anna of Austria seems to be looking from the picture, intriguing and warning about something, telling about her experiences with the help of this one look.

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