Description of the painting by Ilya Mashkov “Still Life with a Samovar”

Description of the painting by Ilya Mashkov “Still Life with a Samovar”

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The painting of the Russian artist is distinguished by its interesting combination of objects in which a truly complex meaning is hidden. Explaining the combination of objects and their symbolization is the main task of not only a person who is trying to grasp this meaning, but also the artist. The still life depicts household items used by a simple person - a samovar and an oiler, giving the picture a special flavor and warmth, and a bright plate of porcelain and fruits symbolize joy and festivity, the ability to rejoice in insignificant things. There is another very interesting detail in the picture, which becomes the subject of the ambiguity of the picture and incomprehensible sensations. Such an unusual object was the skull, symbolizing burdens and mortality, and the mirror, which is located in a still life, shows that nothing lasts forever and the world undergoes changes. Those feelings and perceptions that arise at first glance are sure to change, especially if we look at this still life. The picture is of particular interest also in that, depending on what comes into view and the picture is formed.

In contrast to such objects as a skull and a mirror, the artist was able to convey rich colors and mood through a combination of various palettes. The artist, who was able to stop this moment and capture the picture, was able to achieve infinity and eternity. Looking at the picture, you can always admire and open a still life in a new way. The uniqueness of this masterpiece lies in the fact that it reveals more and more facets, leaving people only the philosophical questions of the mortality of life.

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