Description of the painting by Sergey Vinogradov “In the house”

Description of the painting by Sergey Vinogradov “In the house”

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One of the famous impressionist artists can be called Sergei Arsenievich Vinogradov. He mainly painted portraits, landscapes and interior paintings. The artist often described the atmosphere of beautiful estates, the nature of the picturesque corners of Russia. In 1914 Vinogradov creates a picture of the house, the plot for which is a corner of the interior of a country estate.

The picture shows two spacious rooms, united by a large doorway. The doors between the rooms are fully open. In a room closer to the viewer, chairs are placed along the walls, in the corner on the floor there is a pot with a tall plant. On the right side of the picture near the wall you can see the corner of the piano. The walls in the room are pasted with wallpaper in light green color with a yellow pattern. A picture in a golden frame hangs above the chairs.

The second room is lighter, it has more windows. Window openings are decorated with light translucent curtains of light fabric. A tall and narrow mirror is installed between the windows, and an antique gold watch is on the shelf.

The windows in both rooms are decorated with stained glass windows. Warm sun rays penetrate the house through transparent and colored glass and create multi-colored glare on a dark plank floor.

The artist demonstrated the life of an intelligent family of his time. He showed clean and well-kept rooms in which all things are in place. The presence of a picture and a piano testifies to the subtle taste of the owners of the house and their passion for music.

Large area, numerous windows, a small amount of furniture make these rooms spacious, filled with light and air. The golden rays of the sun give the atmosphere of a home coziness, make it warm and welcoming.

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