Description of the painting Pietro Perugino "Madonna"

Description of the painting Pietro Perugino

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Pietro Perugino is a Renaissance artist. We know almost nothing about the young years of the great artist. The real name of the painter is Pietro Vannucci. Perugino is his nickname, which he was awarded for his location - the city of Perugia. The main feature of the artist is his ability to smoothly convey all compositional rhythms, lyricism of landscape backgrounds.

In the collection of Perugino's works there are a large number of paintings depicting the Madonna. The painting "Madonna" depicts a virgin Mary with a baby. The artist depicted the nimbus above her head with a thin contour line in the form of dots. The ornament at the gates of the dress is also conveyed by a thin contour. To date, we know about other options for the execution of this picture.

Perugino often portrayed the Madonna and Child in a variety of ways. In Germany, the collection contains a picture where the baby is depicted sitting on the knee of the Madonna. In the collection, which is stored in Italy - the baby stands on her left knee. The baby’s pose, where he stands on the knee of the Virgin, is the most common among artists. It was repeated many times by the students and followers of Perugino in their works.

A characteristic feature of the paintings of Perugino are elongated figures, with a slight grace. Their head often leans gently on the shoulder. The face is full of sentimentality. The artist tries to use the symmetric construction principle in the images on the altar, in which the central part is always assigned to the Madonna, and the saints are depicted in the lower part of the altar.

The painter entered the history of art as a mentor to Raphael.

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