Description of the painting by Raphael Santi “Vision of Ezekiel”

Description of the painting by Raphael Santi “Vision of Ezekiel”

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In the image, you can clearly see how much Raphael was influenced by the work of another artist, Michelangelo. A sacred group is depicted in the center of the canvas - four beasts depict four evangelists. In the center is the unclothed God the Father. His body is strong, young, he is surrounded by an eagle, an angel, a lion and a bull, on the sides of him are two babies of a cherub. Visually, God resembles the pagan god Jupiter. In the Renaissance, God was portrayed as an old man who always had long gray hair and a beard that flutters. The tiny figure of Ezekiel is visible to us only in the lower part of the canvas, a bright ray of light is directed at him. The lower part of the picture depicts a landscape, with a tree in the center. A heavy gloomy sky dominates above him.

The painting is dedicated to one of the chapters of the Bible, which is dedicated to the Jewish prophet Ezekiel. He had a vision, which was accompanied by natural disasters - a strong wind, flame and radiance around. In the midst of the fire, Ezekiel examined four animals unknown to the viewer with an eagle, a lion, a bull and a human face. Two wings covered their bodies, and two were crossed and covered from Ezekiel something that they protected.

Despite its small size, the picture managed to convey to the viewer the idea of ​​how Rafael Santi was a master. He faced a difficult task - it was necessary to show everyone how swift the flight of God the Father is.

The painting “The Vision of the Prophet Ezekiel” was painted in oil on a tree, size 40x30 cm. The author painted for Vincenzo Ercolani, a count from Verona.

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