Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Girlfriends”

Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Girlfriends”

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Gustav Klimt painted the picture "Girlfriends" in 1916-1917. Unfortunately, the original picture did not reach us - it burned down in 1945. The author painted his work based on the full contrast of the bodies of two girls, girlfriends - one of them is naked, the other, on the contrary, is wrapped in clothes. By name it is difficult to assume that they painted two lesbians, their relationship.

The author specifically called his picture streamlined - so he shows that girls are connected by something more than just the love of friends. Klimt was one of the few who did not hesitate to declare this to the whole world. Similar statements were made by his colleague from France, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. It was Henri who knew the real meaning of this picture, about the love of more than just friends.

Female figures have no volume. Due to this, the girls merge with the background.

The picture also depicts animals: chicken, as the personification of a woman of easy virtue. The dragon in the picture represents male sexuality. It is not known what exactly Klimt wanted to say when portraying flowers. It is possible that they represent the feminine.

Using allegory, the artist shows the love of two feminine principles, slightly veiling them. "Girlfriends" frankly shows us the love of two girls whom the artist captured in a very sensual pose, borrowing a background from traditional Chinese backgrounds.

Klimt sang romance not only in the traditional sense. The artist tried to depict in his paintings any manifestation of love, despite the way society perceives this manifestation.

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