Description of the painting by Yevgeny Lansere “Empress Elizabeth Petrovna in Tsarskoye Selo”

Description of the painting by Yevgeny Lansere “Empress Elizabeth Petrovna in Tsarskoye Selo”

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From a young age, the author of monumental murals, Yevgeny Lansere, visited Tsarskoye Selo Park, examining the architecture of the Catherine Palace. In his painting "Empress Elizaveta Petrovna in Tsarskoye Selo" he managed to convey the era of Elizabeth Petrovna. The size of the canvas (paper on cardboard) is 43.5x62 cm.

The painting conveys the atmosphere of how solemnly the courtyard and the retinue of Elizabeth Petrovna come out in a country residence. It’s as if we see a certain theatrical performance in front of the audience. The fat empress Elizabeth Petrovna majestically and regally swims past the audience. The empress’s long train is trying to solemnly carry an arapochka, who was lost among luxuriously dressed courtiers. Her retinue follows - ladies and gentlemen, who are also dressed in magnificent dresses, they are worn with powdered wigs.

Looking at the picture we can try to reveal all the characters and types of people depicted on it, reading their poses, gestures and faces. Lanceray depicted not only the arrogant faces of stiff courtiers, we also notice the lowered, timid glances. The author tried to show some grotesque, as well as his irony to what is happening. Lansere is trying to contrast the people whom he depicts in the picture and architecture - the nobility of the severity of white marble statues, their true grandeur, which was able to translate into the wonderful architecture of the Rastrelli palace. The artist was well able to convey the beauty of the Tsarskoye Selo park.

There is no illusory space in the picture. The canvas is painted in gouache, but there are several feathery one-color watercolor savers.

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