Description of the painting by Boris Nemensky "Mother"

Description of the painting by Boris Nemensky

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Boris Mikhailovich Nemensky was a Soviet teacher and painter. The artist was born in 1922 in Moscow. Having barely managed to graduate from college in 1942, Boris went to the front. During the service, he managed to create several sketches on military subjects. One of these works is the painting "Mother", based on the plot of which a poem about the war will be written later.

The image shows a woman wrapped in a scarf and watching the soldiers sleeping around her. She herself sits beside them, as if guarding their sleep. Based on the poetic narrative, the soldiers knocked on the woman's house for the night. She also has sons, who somewhere far protect the fatherland from the Nazis. Mother let the tired soldiers in, fed them everything she could find in the house, and laid them on the floor, giving them the last warm clothes as a mattress. While the tired and exhausted young guys went to bed, the woman rushed to the icons, praying to God for the salvation of the soldiers, for their return to their home.

In the morning, the rested guys thanked the hostess and hit the road, and she finally wished them to defeat the enemy as soon as possible, because the soldiers are waiting for their mothers at home, who can also shelter simple Russian soldiers for the night, quietly reading a prayer for their sons.

During the war, people helped each other as they could, and the concept of “someone else’s son” did not exist. Therefore, such a story could well have happened before Nemensky himself, because he managed to convey the whole gamut of feelings and emotions of the main characters in the picture, where the mother tenderly watches the tired soldiers, remembering her children. The work is a symbol of a terrible and merciless war, while at the same time showing the unity of the Russian people and the depths of the soul of ordinary people who have to survive in such a terrible time.

The picture is filled with emotions and hopes of salvation, which was what all of Russia thought in those difficult years.

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