Description of the painting by Konstantin Kryzhitsky “Before noon”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Kryzhitsky “Before noon”

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Konstantin Yakovlevich Kryzhitsky is a Russian landscape painter. Despite the fact that the artist traveled a lot in Europe, he drew the main inspiration from the domestic expanses. In his works, the creator used not only oil, but also watercolor and pencils. He was the organizer of many exhibitions in which the viewer could get acquainted with the work of Kryzhitsky.

The painting "Before Noon" was painted in 1885 and is one of the most popular works of the artist. He developed his own style of writing, using a game of colors and shadows. Contemporaries admired Kryzhitsky’s talent, claiming that they literally “dissolve” in the atmosphere of nature, which the creator represented in his canvases. The artist was able to present the world in its naturalness, without focusing on one thing. In other words, all the works of the master are distinguished by their integrity and harmony.

This picture shows a small pond, covered with vegetation, near the shore of which there is a small boat, and a man is walking in the distance. The main idea of ​​this work was the play of light. The sky and clouds are depicted in such a way that the whole picture really resembles the time before noon, when the sun has not yet risen high, and light morning silence and calm prevail around. The artist also drew the attention of the viewer to a bird near the shore of the reservoir, thus emphasizing the peaceful coexistence of man and nature.

The work is dominated by predominantly gentle tones of blue and green. A realistic traced sky is reflected in the water that the viewer literally feels when looking at the canvas. The beauty of untouched nature in the early morning - this is the main idea that the master wanted to share when writing the picture “Before Noon”.

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