Description of the painting by Vasily Vereshchagin “Shipka - Sheinovo. Skobelev near Shipka »

Description of the painting by Vasily Vereshchagin “Shipka - Sheinovo. Skobelev near Shipka »

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The painting was painted in 1878 and belongs to the Balkan series of works of the artist. The main idea of ​​the canvas is the idea of ​​how much Russia paves its way into a free and independent future. The plot of the picture tells about the events that took place in 1877 in the highlands of Bulgaria between the Russian and Turkish troops.

In this work, there is both life and death - two components of a bloody war, in which the artist was present in person. On the left is a line of soldiers rejoicing over the victory in the battle. They throw up their hats and greet the equestrian row of General M. D. Skobelev, who, on his white horse, rushes along the front line of the army and honors those who managed to defend their domestic lands. However, in the foreground of the picture are the bodies of the dead, courageously giving their lives for their homeland. Such a play of emotions on the canvas reveals the true face of war, where joy and glee are associated with the bitterness of loss and cruelty.

Working on the picture, Vereshchagin abandoned the idea of ​​glorifying a specific personality, focusing on the heroism and courage of Russian soldiers, who until the last defended their native lands from an insatiable enemy. The artist does not pay particular attention to the individual details of the picture, but focuses on paints and drawing a certain line between the characters of the work. The picture looks realistic, thanks to the skill of Vereshchagin and his memories of that very day.

The artist devoted a whole series of works to that bloody war, which is considered the largest in the history of Russian-Turkish relations. Thus, he drew attention to the problem of indifference of the authorities to the fate of the common people, who often stood up to defend their lands with experienced warriors. Today, this and many other works of Vereshchagin can be seen in the State Russian Museum.

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