Description of Karl Bryullov's painting "Spring"

Description of Karl Bryullov's painting

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An important place in the work of Pavel Bryullov is occupied by landscapes, which the artist painted in distant places of Russia. The beauty of nature is captured on one of the famous landscape paintings by the artist "Spring" in 1875.

Pavel Bryullov began to actively paint landscapes after his return to Russia. At this time, he takes an active part in traveling exhibitions, gaining popularity and respect among the public, artists. His activity is manifested in the creation of paintings with subsequent exposure to the public.

“Spring”, like most of Bryullov’s landscapes, was written in the style of realism. The artist tried to depict on canvas what he sees before his own eyes. Realism and credibility are the two main conditions that Bryullov, like other wanderers, met. Bryullov created "Spring", being confident that art, in particular painting, should look realistic.

As Bryullov devoted most of his paintings to the Russian countryside, so on the canvas "Spring" the viewer sees a hut. Frequent motifs of the artist’s paintings are the houses of peasants that have been slightly rickety from antiquity and the people themselves, who are depicted without preening. So in this picture we see a girl who steps from stone to stone near the shore of a small pond.

During his lifetime, the artist could not achieve recognition from the authorities. But his high level of skill, which can be appreciated in the landscapes, allowed his paintings to be acquired by Tretyakov. "Spring" is one of the valuable acquisitions of the collector, which is exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery.

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