Description of the painting by Sergey Alekseevich Luchishkin “The ball flew away (1926)”

Description of the painting by Sergey Alekseevich Luchishkin “The ball flew away (1926)”

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The artist depicted not the usual Soviet reality, but a completely different image that reflects a completely different reality. The multi-storey buildings depicted on the canvas seem to squeeze the space and hang over it, creating a feeling of hopelessness. The gray sky symbolizes cold and indifference, leaving no hope for a brighter future. The picture also shows a little girl in a blue dress, standing in the courtyard in complete solitude. Behind her are young, recently planted trees, and on top are the walls of gray, huge houses. Trees symbolize a kind of sadness and despondency.

She looks at a red ball flying away into the distance, rising high into the sky. Despite its small size, the ball stands out very clearly against the general background. Behind the girl is a wooden fence, as if protecting her from the outside world. On canvas, you can see the residents who are engaged in familiar affairs and can be seen aloof from the windows of high-rise buildings. In one of the windows there is a mother with a child in her arms, and on the floor above you can see a man who committed suicide. In another window you can see a young woman combing her hair.

The artist is trying to talk about real everyday life, not embellished by the propaganda of Soviet happy life. There are no hints of a bright future and a joyful expectation of a new day. Reality turns out not to be as rosy as many Soviet artists try to imagine, but, on the contrary, it is the embodiment of sadness and despair. The silhouette of a man hanged in a window is a hint of tragedy. Having considered the second plan, you can understand the entire depth of the picture, filled with a certain storyline. It forms a feeling of submission and following the general idea. One feels a strong involvement in imposed and alien principles and preferences.

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