Description of the painting by Titian “Venus blindfolded Amur”

Description of the painting by Titian “Venus blindfolded Amur”

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In one of his later creative periods, the artist Titian, who lived from about 1488 to 1576, was literally obsessed. His main obsession was the desire to create paintings that would be full of drama. And best for this purpose, according to the artist himself, Christian subjects were suitable. At the same time, he was still attracted to antiquity in any, even the most vivid and daring manifestations.

By his character and paintings, the artist fully shared and supported the beliefs and faith of the Neoplatonists that the best, purest and pristine beauty will always be and exalts a person. This means that for the artist, beauty has always had a religious meaning.

Therefore, the picture and Venus depicted on it, which blinds Amur's eyes, is not a simple game or interpretation of the author’s fantasies on a mythological theme. The picture is known around the world under several names.

Venus blindfolds Amur on her, and the nymph standing next to her gives Amur a bow. It was a hint that he would not shoot his arrows further at his own discretion, but at random.

First of all, this picture attracts the attention of a girl. They are beautiful, charming and in their own way inaccessible neither to people, nor to Cupid himself. They have classic facial features, bright golden skin, and soft gestures are visible in each bend of their bodies. Silk hair completes their beauty.

Venus, blindfolded, is full of dignity and calm, which are inherent in her. And the warmth that exudes her body and calmness is further emphasized by the fact that Cupid buried his shoulder in her. Many compare this gesture of Cupid with the gesture of a nursing infant, clinging to its mother. Therefore, the beauty of the picture takes on a life-giving, maternal beginning. Therefore, from the side, after some time after viewing, it seems that this picture breathes and fills with love everything around.

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