Description of the painting Nikolai Andronov “Plotogony”

Description of the painting Nikolai Andronov “Plotogony”

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Andronov is considered one of the main representatives of the severe style in painting of the Soviet Union. His artwork is a peculiar reaction to the realism of socialism. The main feature of his creation “Plotogony” is that you cannot see any individuality of images. People here are turned into traits too similar to each other.

Regardless of gender, a certain masculinity is visible in each hero. All people depicted in the picture are completely devoid of individuality. Andronov does not set himself the goal of prescribing the psychology of images, of displaying any emotions on his face. There is courage, everyone is ready for work. He does not depict anything else, all other faces are simply erased from typical, identical images of people.

In the painting was used bright saturated colors that help convey the sun. Clarity and uniformity of images. No gestures except the hand of one man on the shoulder of another, no relationship between each other, no emotions. The hand on the shoulder is a symbol of strong friendship. Not too emotional. All lines are clear, straight. All the figures, even the female ones, look a little angular. One man is standing with his back, but because of the writing technique, this is not immediately clear.

The monumentality of the picture reports on the significant contribution of people to the development of the country, on their social significance. Despite the fact that each character is made in a certain color, they are united by a certain common shade - gray-brown. He is needed in order to emphasize the dimness and dullness of individuals in the individual.

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