Description of the painting Vasily Perov "Meal"

Description of the painting Vasily Perov

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One of the outstanding artists of the nineteenth century Vasily Grigoryevich Perov in his paintings almost always revealed the imperfections of modern society. One of these works is the canvas "Meal". Here is a scene of lunch in the monastery walls. Before the ministers of the church, a sumptuous table is filled with a wide variety of dishes. The process is depicted in such a way that causes internal rejection of the clergy, rejection of their ugly behavior.

All festivities, drunkenness, gluttony of priests take place right in front of the image of the crucified Christ. On the right side of the canvas you can see a priest who is fawning in front of a rich lady. And here a woman with small children in her arms asks for help. But no one pays even the slightest attention to her. A holiday arranged on the territory of the temple with earthly joys gives out what the church looked like at that time.

Painting on the canvas is too straightforward, poisonous irony shines through every brushstroke. Despite the fact that the fun is depicted, the artist writes in muted gray tones. People in church clothes were already reddened by the drunk wine and, apparently, they had long forgotten where they were. This causes some disgust towards them. And such behavior is already perceived not as a drawback of the church, but as a certain, not entirely pleasant, feature of this time. Perhaps, for this reason, most of Perov's paintings were not allowed to exhibitions. After all, such a clear and sharp condemnation of vices will not always be accepted by society.

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