Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev "Merchant with purchases"

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev

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The painting, created by Boris Mikhailovich Kustodeev in 1920, is today stored in the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus. “Merchant with purchases” is a bright pictorial canvas illustrating the national life, its fabulous side. A tall, lush merchant in a purple-pink dress on a crinoline statically walks along the cobblestone square.

A light lace burgundy cape saves her from the morning heat, as does the silk greenish umbrella that she holds in her left hand. A light turban, worn on her head, fits the tone of the cloak, salop, decorated with bows and ribbons. The rich merchant woman corresponds in her appearance to all the traditional ideas about a woman of a noble family of that time, but she certainly cannot be called a lady of blue blood, she shows a strong spirit, kindness and simplicity.

Behind the merchant there is a young guy weaving, in his hands are many purchases that the lady chose in the city market: these are bread, and fish, and delicacies in a basket. In addition to everything, the young man carries a small bag, bottles peek out from it, possibly with oils or wines. Barely keeping up with the merchant, he struggles to please her. Moreover, the lady does not have the appearance of an aristocrat, her simple, straightforward nature gives out an open round face, ruddy face, brown hair and a large figure. The aristocratic manners are carefully hidden behind the meek, but powerful disposition of the merchant.

An important view, a proud, wide gait - all this loudly indicates that a merchant is walking along the street. In the distance, on the slope you can see the temple and the city buildings in the morning haze, in the background, the male loaders set up heavy boxes at the tavern, and the fast horse in a harness waits for the hour when it will be possible to walk lightly on the cobblestones. In the morning, bustle came to the city and, of course, the stately lady with her boy bought everything necessary for the coming evening.

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