Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “Portrait of a Chorus Girl”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “Portrait of a Chorus Girl”

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The canvas “Portrait of a Chorus Girl” has become a new word in Russian painting. Previously, none of the domestic artists dared to write in a similar style. Korovin was in some ways a pioneer. And the main reason for this was the pronounced features of impressionism. The picture was painted colorful, but at the same time, the color scheme is distinguished by a certain freshness. The portrait was painted on the balcony in the public garden, and according to Korovin, the woman was ugly, even a little ugly.

In fact, the girl depicted in the portrait looks even somewhat awkward. Eyes are directed somewhere upwards and look a little slanting. The excessively puffy lips are parted, and the pose in which the woman sits seems even unnatural.

Palenov even asked Korovin to remove this masterpiece from exhibition work, since no one liked him. Later, Korovin again recalled the portrait and told that Mamontov, on the contrary, liked the painting so much that it was thanks to her that the artists met. And the same Palenov handed it over to Mamontov, so that together they could figure out this incomprehensible painting with large rough strokes.

The woman's face in a blue hat on a background of green foliage is written in bright and colorful. Despite the cold shades of the sketch, the sunshine and summer light are felt from the picture.

According to Russian artists such as Repin and Mamontov, the portrait of a chorus girl was painted by a Spanish master. Still not knowing who the author of the canvas was, they claimed to Korovin that Russian could not write so boldly. And this work is painting for painting.

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