Description of the painting Pablo Picasso "The Old Guitarist"

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso

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One of the most moving periods of the work of Pablo Picasso is the blue season. At this time, the artist’s closest friend passes away due to unrequited love, the entire internal state of the master undergoes severe changes. Changing and artistic technique of painting. Cold blue color - an expression of longing, frustration, kindness, coldness - it can be interpreted in completely different ways, but for some reason the artist chooses the blue palette of colors. Drama, sadness, manner of writing, color scheme - everything that is characteristic of Picasso’s “blue time” we see in the picture “The Old Guitarist”.

In tattered rags, bending his back and cross-legged, the person whom we see in Pablo's painting, according to many art historians, is a tribute to another mannerist artist - El Greco. The enclosed space of the picture as if makes this old man bend, presses on him. Hopelessness, a sense of pressure and endless loneliness lies in this canvas.

Thin fingers, outstretched hands - all this betrays the physical weakness of the image, but with all this the old man is blind. It is worth noting that the blindness is portrayed by Picasso in many paintings, as a sign of complete helplessness and desolation. At the same time, paintings depicting blind people are created by Picasso in such a way that they cause the greatest emotional response from the viewer.

It is noteworthy that during the X-ray analysis of the picture, an initial drawing was discovered on it - a breast-feeding woman, also written in blue tones. Her figure was located directly “behind” the old man, and the image of a young cow and a calf were recognized in the picture.

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