Description of Antoine Watteau's picture “The Embarrassing Proposal”

Description of Antoine Watteau's picture “The Embarrassing Proposal”

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In the era of Rococo created his artistic masterpieces Antoine Watteau. It was a wonderful French painter, mysterious and original. He wrote truly unique works, far from the style of an academic school.

One of these famous paintings is "The Embarrassing Proposal." The author himself left the paintings without names and dates. The name given later to his creation reflects the artistic content in the best possible way.

The time of the creation of the painting is presumably 1715-1716. The first impression of her is the harmony of the composition. The backdrop is a beautiful landscape: grass, trees and cloudy sky. But this natural calm is disturbed by the gentlemen resting here. Expensively dressed young ladies and men spend leisure time in the park.

The genre picture includes 5 characters with their unique external features, activities, gestures and emotions. First of all, the eye is attracted by the steam located in the center of the canvas. The girl stands in a half-turn, picking up the hem of her long dress with her hands, as if about to leave. Next to her is a young man gesturing to keep her. The marquise seems annoyed and offended. One can only guess what the quarrel of these people consisted of.

Behind two standing characters, two girls and a man rest peacefully in a clearing under the trees. The ladies are talking about something, one of them is playing the guitar between things. A young gentleman in a red camisole fixed his gaze through them at the quarreling couple. A sullen smile on his face indicates that he is aware of the imminent outcome of an ongoing quarrel.

The expressiveness of the characters of the heroes speaks of the great skill of Watteau. He masterfully depicted a scene from the life of the 18th century with his special experiences of the heroes, while devoid of theatrical pathos. The “Difficult Proposal” is now in the Hermitage.

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