Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “Boy with a backpack”

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “Boy with a backpack”

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Paraphrasing Kazimir Malevich, dynamic Suprematism (one of the artist's directions) is able to transform the entire planet, because there are no natures, only sets of figures symbolizing free flight, rapid dynamics. And indeed, in the picture we see black and red squares, nothing more.

There is no backpack, let alone a boy. By the way, both Malevich and other suprematists also have the opposite: the name is completely abstract, and the image is quite understandable, with clearly drawn figures and even images.

Whether the freedom of this and other suprematist paintings is absolute remains a moot point. The flight Casimir is talking about is still limited to something, whether it be paper or some kind of delimiters in the picture itself. Already not complete freedom. Not to mention that compositionally works are extremely aesthetic, even classical painting is not far from here. "Three" red-white-black - what is not a classic ?!

The highlight of this direction is the professional, simply masterful display of Russian souls and minds. Malevich surpasses this and reflects in his work the souls and minds of not only Russia, but the whole world!

The composition is strict, but if you mentally draw a line from the black square to the red one, you can see the clock with the pendulum. In my opinion, it’s more like a boy with a satchel, isn't it ?! But there are even those who, having come to the Casimir exhibition in black clothes with a red backpack and seeing this picture for the first time alive, call the artist a prophet who predicted the appearance of this same person at the exhibition. Delirium or not, judge you!

We, perhaps, through long analyzes and studies, have yet to figure out what is in the head of this little fellow in black uniform, dragging a red backpack on the way home ...

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