Description of the painting by Victor Matorin "Dmitry Donskoy"

Description of the painting by Victor Matorin

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The contemporary Moscow painter, to this day, delighting the audience with his historical canvases, Victor Matorin, has a bright artistic personality, a distinctive style of writing, and exceptional talent. One of the best paintings of the artist, with historical value, can rightfully be a portrait of the Grand Duke.

The key historical figure of Dmitry Donskoy cannot be overestimated, the plot of the painting by Matorin reveals the hero’s internal state on the threshold of the most important event of his life. Determined, Dmitry Donkoy holds his right hand in his heart, gathering his courage in a new military campaign. His serious, focused mind is directed into the distance, staring intently, with a hint of an important thought, through the viewer.

Confident posture, firmness of spirit create around Dmitry Donskoy an atmosphere of reverence for the Grand Duke, faith in the strength of the troops, in an early victory over the enemy. Some straightforwardness and at the same time complete openness, purity, are visible in his image. The hardened willpower is conveyed by a tired but determined face, wrinkles from browed into a serious expression.

The combat clothing of the prince shimmers in the sun, harmoniously echoes the tone of his skin. Large elements of his clothes emphasize the gigantic, strong figure of a warrior. Everything in the image of this man speaks of his relentlessness, the desire to win by all means, at the same time, of exceptional rationality and coldness of mind.

A prosperous, large and noisy city, depicted against the backdrop of the prince, erects new temples, houses, flourishes - all thanks to Dmitry Donskoy, whose soul is filled with love for his native lands, for which he is ready to fight to the end. Particular attention should be paid to the prince's bare head, which symbolizes his fearlessness before death for his beloved people.

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