Description of the monument to dumplings in Izhevsk

Description of the monument to dumplings in Izhevsk

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A funny sculpture was installed in Izhevsk on the Krayevaya street on October 28, 2004. Such a monument appeared after the results of the competition "Modern City Sculpture" were summed up. This competition holiday was held under the leadership of the Archeopteryx group and the Creative Cottage gallery.

The winner was determined by sculptor Alexey Shklyaev. The construction of the young artist is large: a diameter of one meter, and a height of three. The young artist creates his own project, which is called the “Dumpling Monument”. He explains that Udmurtia is considered the birthplace of this beloved product.

If you translate the word from Udmurt, it will sound like "bread ear". Alexei Shklyaev, when he was studying in Moscow, always remembered the real Udmurt dumplings. And in the capital they are completely different.

He thought for a long time about how to keep his memory for a long time about it. According to his project, the city should have a space that has many images that are associated with dumplings. For example, you can sew T-shirts with its logos, make badges, sculptures to perform, and much more.

The monument itself consists of a fork, on which a large dumpling is planted. It is installed near the most popular restaurant in the city “Pozim”. People who looked at such a sculpture immediately have an appetite, so there are always many visitors to the restaurant.

According to the authors of the idea, not only tourists, but also newlyweds will come here. Since the energy field of their sculpture is very strong. And dumplings in Udmurtia are considered a wedding dish. They are made in large quantities to wish the young good and happiness. And over time, folk festivals and city holidays will be held near the monument and in the restaurant. This monument set the points on the map, where everyone’s favorite dish came from.

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