Description of the sculpture by Michelangelo Buanarrotti "Bacchus"

Description of the sculpture by Michelangelo Buanarrotti

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Buanarroti Michelangelo created a marble sculpture of Bacchus, or it is also called Drunken Bacchus. It reaches a height of two meters and three centimeters. This was the task of Cardinal Rafael Riardio in 1497. According to researchers, the sculpture by Michelangelo became the first masterpiece.

After receiving the order, the sculptor set to work. But the customer refused, so the sculpture was bought by Jacopo Galli, a banker. Today, Bacchus stands at the Bargello Museum in Florence. This work is done so that it can be viewed in a circle.

The sculptor sculpted the god of wine Dionysus, a little drunk, with a satyr next to him.

Bacchus is naked, in his hand he holds a cup of wine, which he looks at very carefully. Although his posture is not entirely stable. Just about he can fall, but keeps his balance, leaning back. The young man's back is tense, muscles are secreted, but the abdomen and hips are depicted so that the physical and spiritual weakness of Dionysus is immediately visible. In the other hand, which is lowered down, is the skin and brush of grapes.

Behind the young man is a small satyr who constantly accompanies the hero, he eats grapes. If you look closely at the goat-footed satyr, you can note its uniqueness.

His face shows carelessness, a cheerful smile, he slowly steals berries from Bacchus. This composition is the only one from Michelangelo, which shows exceptional fun, he did not return to such a topic.

The great sculptor created the creation, with the help of which he achieved the impression of imbalance and instability of the whole composition. All technical characteristics were observed correctly, for the best support of the large statue, he supplemented the composition with the hemp on which the satyren sat. So the compositional idea of ​​the author was not spoiled.

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