Description of the hare monument in St. Petersburg

Description of the hare monument in St. Petersburg

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There are several legends associated with this building. Residents of the city of St. Petersburg wanted to perpetuate the memory of hares. One story tells how Peter the first saw a small animal on an island at the mouth of the Neva River. He commanded here to begin the construction of the city. And the island itself was called Hare.

Another story tells that a little hare, fleeing the flood, kicked Peter the Great on its foot. And so the island was given the name Hare, and the construction of the city began from here.

The figure of a bunny stands in front of the Peter and Paul Fortress on one of the wooden logs, which protects the supports of the Ioannovsky Bridge from ice. The opening of this sculpture took place on May 7, 2003, when the bridge after reconstruction was launched.

The figure is made of a combination of aluminum, duralumin and selumin. And on top is nitrite coated with titanium. Its height reaches 58 centimeters from the ears to the heels. The author of this work was the sculptor Petrovichev.

After installing the figures of the animal, it became considered a symbol of the bridge. And even the fact that when conducting competitions on boats, some participants fall on a column with a hare and knock it down does not interfere. But after such accidents, the hare was always put in place. In addition, the figure has already been abducted several times.

The base of the logs, where the bunny figure is located, constantly attracts tourists and citizens. They began to organize competitions on accuracy, who will throw a coin to the hemp. This fun has long become a ritual; today, many coins rest at the bottom of the canal.

There is even such a belief: if you throw a coin into a hare, make a wish before it, then it will come true. Almost all people like this sculpture, so many began to install different funny figures. Therefore, the hare can still be called the discoverer of a new era of architecture of the city of St. Petersburg.

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