Description of the painting Francisco de Goya Self-Portrait

Description of the painting Francisco de Goya Self-Portrait

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In the XVIII century, the situation with Spanish painting was not easy. The dominance of foreigners penetrated the art of Spain, in his painting.

The authorities, paying tribute to fashion and political ambitions, nominated foreign painters to leading positions and gave them a clear preference. They were presented with the most prestigious awards, critics wrote odes of praise about them, and the most expensive orders were given to them.

It was believed that the Spanish painters have exhausted themselves. But the artist, who did not absorb his native habits, customs, traditions, his vision, is doomed to failure. At that time, it turned out differently.

Worship of foreign trends did not allow to bring to the fore their native artists of painting. However, Goya, nevertheless, was able to restore its former glory to all national art. His paintings simply could not but cause admiration.

This was especially true for portraits. The painter was her simple performer of a certain work. His immense talent was powerfully supported by the spiritual qualities of the artist himself.

Goya not only realistically conveyed the appearance of the model, he proceeded, first of all, from the feelings he had for the person whom he depicted. Therefore, Goya was far from impartial to each of his portraits.

To convey the individuality of each work, the artist used various techniques, methods, and even changed the technique. It is known that there are paintings that Goya painted using brushes, various sponges, and textured fabrics.

Paints could be applied with a knife, hand, fingers, even a wooden spoon. Everything that fell into the hands of a brilliant creator worked to create unique masterpieces.

Incredible talent, backed up by hard work, made me talk about the artist as a national treasure. Even the royal society was forced to admit the extraordinary creativity of Goya and admire him.

The painter gained fame and honors, which showered him with society. True, he had to go to this through severe trials.

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