Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer "Astronomer"

Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer

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In the golden age of freedom and prosperity of Protestant Holland, the mysterious artist Vermeer was born. He not only created, but also engaged in commerce.

Almost nothing is known about Jan Vermeer's career, but he was always surrounded by art. The artist was influenced by Italian painting and works by Caravaggio. Strong colors and a dense layer of colors indicate an Italian influence. The modern genre plot has become a leading leitmotif and feature of his work.

A mature artist for all his works chose a specific canvas format measuring 45x41 centimeters. The painter’s unique gift also consists in the way he handles light, and his strength is in turning a simple image into a monumental one, as well as in attention to the details of everyday life.

He conveys objects with meticulous accuracy to the textures and characters of people. Vermeer is an ingenious master of chiaroscuro, who achieved subtle lighting effects due to the skillful application of paint layers. Researchers Vermeer creativity believe that he used the ancient optics - camera obscura.

In Vermeer's paintings, maps as a globe in the Astronomer symbolize the power of Holland, which the artist glorifies, since in the 17th century it was a prosperous and rich country, thanks to international trade.

The profession of an astronomer and the name of the picture is an image in the age of reason and science, and man is the master of the planet. The subtly lit scene accurately shows the relationship between humanity and the planet, and knowledge is the key in this relationship. It is reflected by the texts on the table. The man sitting at the table, Anthony Van Levenguk - the developer of the microscope.

It is known that the artist and scientist were familiar, and the latter dealt with the tangled financial affairs of the creator in Delft.

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