Description of the painting Vasily Sumarev “My Home”

Description of the painting Vasily Sumarev “My Home”

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My house painting was created by the famous artist of the Soviet period Vasily Fedorovich Sumarev in 1972.

The story of the creation of the canvas is quite simple and unpretentious, since it depicts the artist’s home, in which he was born and raised. It was a post-war time, not easy for adults, but quite tolerable for children spending their days in endless games.

A sunny painting, filled with warmth and light, in 1972 the appearance of such a painting was a real breakthrough in art, allowing you to break out of gloomy everyday life and look at the world in a new way.

The picture consists of several separate episodes, the central figure of which is an apartment building. The artist depicted the building as it was remembered in his childhood, but in a slightly embellished form. The real house was painted with ordinary paint for the floor and, for sure, did not evoke such violent emotions, which followed after the birth of the picture.

At the very bottom of the picture are depicted resting people, children reading books, playing with balloons and listening carefully to the narrator. Animals are also present in the picture, in the lower left corner of the picture the artist depicted a woman, apparently trying to milk the goat.

The windows of a two-story house shine with cleanliness and transparency. Window sills of the ground floor are decorated with flowering indoor plants, a lot of people can be seen on the second floor, some of whom are celebrating their wedding, while others are hanging fish on clothesline to dry.

Ahead of the house are parents with young children, old people, young people walking, riding bicycles and playing ball. Such mundane scenes are typical of a weekend, which is also indicated by the presence of linen hung on clotheslines and the idleness with which vacationers stroll.

In the background of the picture is a railway with a train running along it. Also in the background you can see a small group of people, a shop and apparently a small factory with smoking pipes. The canvas is written in a realistic style, its first version was created in 1969. The painting so impressed the Soviet audience with its simplicity that there were practically no people who could criticize it.

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