Description of the Soviet poster “Warrior of the Red Army, save!”

Description of the Soviet poster “Warrior of the Red Army, save!”

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The Great Patriotic War is one of the most difficult stages in the history of our country. Cruelty and bloodshed destroyed many cities, thousands of people died and were left without shelter and relatives.

Five war years for the people of that time were the most difficult in their lives. To raise the morale of the people, the Soviet authorities created various propaganda posters. They reflected the deep meaning that was laid in the fragment itself and the phrase.

One of the most famous wartime posters was the poster, “Warrior of the Red Army, Save!”. This is a very powerful story that evokes very strong emotions. The poster was created by the artist Koretsky. For the first time, people were able to see him in the newspaper of those years - Pravda in 1942.

On the poster, the artist depicted our Russian mother, who defended her child and the Motherland. She is threatened by the fascist, pointing weapons at the child. Such a plot does not leave without emotions, even now, what can we say about the feelings of the soldiers of the Red Army. The sight of the mother and child opposing the enemy could not help but make the soldiers defend their country. The soldiers, looking at him, were even more eager to fight the enemy.

The artist created a poster in two colors. The red color of the figure indicated that the Nazis shed the blood of our people, they are insidious and do not spare anyone and nothing. Of course, such a plot could not be unnoticed. In the soul of every soldier stood the image of a mother and child, his family. He simply could not go to defend his homeland.

Another poster was also created in the same 1942 with the same name. He also showed a defenseless mother and a child in her arms. They were also threatened with death at the hands of a fascist soldier.

Both of these posters are a powerful, motivational and emotional-informational weapon. A Russian soldier would never have been indifferent to such a plot. The protection of children, mothers, the country - this is why they were eager to fight the enemy, not knowing fear.

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