Description of the Soviet poster “If you don’t read books, you will soon forget the letter”

Description of the Soviet poster “If you don’t read books, you will soon forget the letter”

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Propaganda posters, which in our time would be called motivational, were very popular in the last century. Each of them displayed its own meaning.

Posters were created in whole cycles, where a theme was taken as a basis, for example, illiteracy or drunkenness, and on this topic, artists created a number of different subjects, but with a common sense.

At the beginning of the last century and beyond, the country began to struggle with the illiteracy of people. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the topics for creating a new cycle of posters was reading books.

Artists have created a lot of paintings on this topic. All of them encouraged people to learn, read, because books are a source of knowledge that can never be replaced by something else. They were thousands of years ago, will live on.

Education among the population has become very important in the last century, and over that century it has stepped forward a long distance. Posters played an important role in this, because some of them portrayed women who before that were considered more and more intended for the economy, and not for science. It was already unfashionable to be illiterate. Another very good, calling to the attention of parents was a poster from the same series, “Than the guys to scold and be, it's better to buy books for them.

The poster "If you don’t read books, you will soon forget the letter" is a very powerful motivator that is still relevant today. Indeed, in our age of modern technology and progress, people began to move more and more away from reading familiar paper books using electronic format and summary.

But such an approach deprives a person of full imagination, memory becomes worse. Attention and perseverance cannot be brought up on summary. Nowadays, the phrase from this poster is very relevant. And such posters would not interfere in our society.

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