Description of the Soviet poster “How it worked, it worked”

Description of the Soviet poster “How it worked, it worked”

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A poster from a series calling on Soviet people to work, a healthy lifestyle, and honesty. Such propaganda posters could be seen several decades ago throughout our country. Somewhere in the old buildings they still hang, warming the soul with memories of years lived in the USSR.

In recent years, there has been a fashion for retro things, which until recently were not retro at all, but for everyone as a familiar phenomenon. Among these things, of course, are posters campaigning for the population in the USSR.

The poster “How it worked and it worked” is a vivid example that parasitism has never been encouraged or rewarded. We see how a proud, strong male hard worker gets his money for the work done, and behind him is precisely the parasite who did nothing, and, apparently, was counting on the same payment.

This is a strong motivational poster for everyone who wanted to start being lazy. After all, no one wanted to be like that character that is behind.

Therefore, in Soviet times, production was at a high level, the country went forward in big strides. But how could it be otherwise when every day you saw such posters on various important topics.

Men sought to be similar to the characters in these pictures. After all, the artists portrayed a conscienceful man strong, strong, athletic, leading a healthy lifestyle and working for the good of the motherland and family.

Such posters also fought with drunkenness. The artists did not skimp on them in order to motivate the Russian person as much as possible. Of course, such agitation gave a powerful impetus to action.

Soviet posters conveyed to the person loud slogans that remained in people's memory for life. It was a time when a working man was called for sport, for the correct organization of work, for vigilance, for maximum achievement, for a culture of behavior and safety precautions.

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