Description of the painting Arkady Plastov "Three"

Description of the painting Arkady Plastov

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Analyzing the work of Plastov on the subject of his painting “Three. Children by the river ”, one cannot fail to note the fact that the artist has some special feelings for children, often using their images in his works. They are the main characters of most of his masterpieces.

In this case, not only the image of the child is conveyed very brightly, but also to everything else, the typical life of that time, where someone washes horses to the rivers, while others just rest under the shade of a willowy willow. Summer atmosphere, barefoot children, but not from the fact that it is warm, but from the fact that they most likely just don’t have shoes.

In general, it was during this period that the artist began to convey in his paintings typical everyday moments for that time, but catching precisely the vital drama that makes you think. By the way, this period reached its peak in its some very sensitive and emotional canvases of the Great Patriotic War.

The plots of this artist are almost always very simple (however, as well as this time), but despite this, their expressiveness, naturalness, vitality, in addition to masterful writing, make every work a real masterpiece. Improving his writing, the master is constantly trying to learn the structure of the form, thereby achieving maximum skill in this.

Plast takes the simplest and most traditional images from the life of Russia and makes this a full-fledged part of the artistic culture of the whole world. A distinctive feature of the picture is the emotions of children, which are transmitted exactly as they really are, without unnecessary artistic techniques that can enhance or emphasize them.

The lightness and simplicity of the canvas makes you completely penetrate the atmosphere of that time and feel the emotions that accompanied the author during the painting.

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